Daisy's rice fish (Oryzias woworae)

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Daisy's rice fish (Oryzias woworae)

Postby striker18 » Sat Oct 10, 2015 3:54 am

Hello Dennis, hello everybody!

I read the article on your website that you had also successfully bred rice fish.

One month ago I bought 4 Oryzias woworae (2 males, 2 females). I wanted to buy more but I couldn't because only 4 was in the fish store.

Since then both females carry eggs every morning. They are in a bare bottom tank with some oak leaves and sakura shrimp. After I realized the the eggs I put a spawning mop into the tank. Despite the spawning mop they eat the eggs until I arrive back from work.

Could you give me any hint how to save the eggs from the parents?

(I talked with a Hungarian fish breeder who breed Oryzias woworae in the past. He told me he used a spawning mop method as well and put the mop into another tank once a week. And put a new mop into the breeder tank. Unfortunately this method is not fine for me because my fish eat the eggs quickly and eagerly.)

Thank you for your help!

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